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Software and Hardware Solutions

Startek Technology provides innovative software and hardware solutions to solve engineering problems by developing tailored software and electronic solutions.

Machine Vision Systems

Our expertise lies in Industrial Vision Systems (often know as Machine Vision Systems or Automated Inspection Systems) and includes developing industrial vision systems for diverse fields such as mining, pharmaceuticals, freight handling, forensics, sport analysis and the steel industry.

Client Companies

We have provided customized services to a wide range of clients from small, local manufacturers to large multi-national corporations including; Agilent, Toll, UGL, Department of Defense, Pryda, AFP, Rio Tinto and Bluescope Steel.

Software Development & Electronic Engineering

We are able to provide software services for existing issues such as defect detection, debugging code, re-designing legacy code and add new software features. Startek is also adept in prototyping and developing for scientific instruments. As required, we can design custom electronic boards or easily source appropriate digital camera equipment such as area scan cameras and line scan cameras.

Our services include:
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Digital Imaging Applications
  • Communications System Applications
  • Integrated Engineering and Scientific Instrument Applications
  • Electronic Engineering and Digital Design
  • Defect Detection and Code Debugging
  • Database design
  • Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Training
  • Maintenance and Extended Support

Example Projects include:

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Some Project Images

 Feature : OCR Demonstration
ocr sample Check out our interactive online optical character recognition demonstration. You can test our software by supplying your own images.

Click here to try the OCR demo

DVS on Shovel BVS over crusher belt
Train recording system Control Box
Digital Camera in IP65 housing BVS - Binocular Vision System

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