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Digital Vision System

Developed in a joint venture with Orica Mining Services, the Digital Vision System (DVS) is a self-contained unit that automatically acquires calibrated, scaled images at user defined periods. These are stored on board and can be downloaded remotely (via wireless networking) for fragmentation assessment.

The DVS unit comprises a digital camera with optical zoom, laser rangefinder, global positioning system (GPS), radio modem interfaced to a computer all in an IP65 rated housing.

The DVS is installed in extreme environments. To begin with, the shovel on which it is mounted vibrates considerably. Installations have been in places such as Newfoundland in Canada (near the arctic circle), where temperatures regularly drop below -30°C in winter, and outback Queensland, where temperatures often pass 40°C.

For mining and quarry applications enquiries should be directed through Orica Mining Services. For other industries contact us directly.

  DVS Mounted
DVS mounted atop a digger

DVS Atop Shovel
Showing scale and position of DVS on top of Shovel

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