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OCR Demo

Welcome to the Startek online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) demonstration. You can use this to perform OCR on an image you supply.

Please note the following image restrictions are enforced for this demo:
  • Must contain well spaced, machine printed numbers only (this demo does not support letters or other characters)
  • Must be black writing on white background (dark on light, greyscale acceptable)
  • Must not contain noise or garbage (no lines, no frames, no non-numeric characters)
  • Must be a Jpeg or Bitmap (BMP) file
  • No wider than 600 pixels
  • No higher than 400 pixels
  • No more than 250kB file size

Local File: Use this to select a file from your computer which will be uploaded to our server for processing by our engine.

Web File: Select a file on the web and it will be downloaded by our server and then processed. You will have to type or paste the URL in the box.


This is a general numerical example to demonstrate our engine only. We can tailor it for specific fonts and projects, such as automatically ignoring postal code squares and supporting hand-written characters. Training for a specific font increases the accuracy of recognition.

 Sample Image
ocr sample This is a sample image that was automatically rotated and extracted from a large image. The online OCR engine is designed to read images like this.

If you haven't already done so, please visit our OCR resources page and our OCR projects page.

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