Startek High-Speed Vibration Monitor

Near field vibration measurement requires instruments capable of monitoring frequencies at least 10–15kHz (for hard rock) to overcome sensor resonance or similar mount coupling responses. Startek's new and powerful vibration monitors are designed for seismic and blast monitoring and other applications where high-frequency data needs to be acquired.


  • Configurable 4-channel, 24-bit Digitizer suitable for Radial, Transverse and Vertical (RTV) and Airblast inputs
  • Selectable 500Hz–100kHz (2ms–10µs) sampling rate
  • 30GB (approx) internal storage (plus external USB connector for data storage)
  • Supports CSV, PC-SUDS or raw (binary) file formats
  • Optional recording on events (STA/LTA or level trigger) or continous recording
  • Optional pre-event recording (up to 99 seconds)
  • Selectable post-event recording duration (or continuous, limited only by storage)
  • External wireless synchronization so that multiple instruments are synchronized to same time
  • High-resolution, color full-featured GUI with touch-screen
  • Web interface (via wireless connection)
  • Displays live charts for each channel or view stored (file) data
Physical Characteristics

Weight: 7kg (15.5 pounds) approx

Dimensions: 23×29×15cm (9×11×6") approx

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