Below are listed some of our machine vision applications (including automated inspection systems). These involve interfacing our processing software with single or multiple cameras, including high speed line-scan cameras. Click View Project for further information

  • > Binocular Vision System

    Binocular Vision System

    Developed in a joint venture with Orica, this two-camera system is used in the mining industry to determine the distance to and volume of its subject material by analysing images in 3D

  • > Digital Vision System

    Digital Vision System

    This remote vision system is mounted on large mining diggers and analyses the aggregate being dug in extreme environments

  • > Pill Inspection System

    Pill Inspection System

    Used by a pharmaceuticals manufacturer this system ensures the correct pills are present in the blister pack and in a good condition before sealing the pack.

  • > Hole Detection System

    Hole Detection System

    Used by BlueScope steel's rolling mill, this inspection system detects any holes in steel sheets before they are shipped out

  • > Machine Bed Inspector

    Machine Bed Inspector

    Used to visually inspect a machining bed to ensure its clear to avoid damaging expensive tooling components