Binocular Vision System (BVS)

Developed in a joint venture with Orica Mining Services , this two-camera system is used to optimize blast efficiency by determining the volume, mass and size of rock and ore as it moves along a conveyor to be crushed.Having two cameras in this binocular system allows three dimensional information to be gathered. The 3D image along with the 2D images are used to calculate rock fragment sizes, volumes and masses and this information can be used to determine blast efficiency. Too much explosive will cause unnecessary small particles and insufficient explosive will yield large fragments resulting in poor efficiency of the mill.Shown in the first image is a fully self-contained BVS mounted over a conveyor belt carrying iron ore from a crusher (towards the rear in the centre, lights are also mounted around). This system analyses the image to determine the quality of the blast and makes this information available via a web interface. Images and results can be analysed over user specified periods so that mine operators can see results over time.The second image shows the normal (top) view from one of the cameras.The third shows the same view but with only three-dimensional information (red being lowest, green in the middle and blue being the highest rocks). The height information in the third image is obtained by determining the disparity between the left and right image of the binocular vision system.Both the 2D and 3D images are used to determine fragmentation, allowing blast efficiency to be assessed.For mining and quarry applications enquiries should be directed through Orica Mining Services . For other industries contact us directly


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